Friday, July 31, 2009

Man Fucks Horse, Woman Eats Baby

On a single newspaper page I found these stories, as well as one about a woman who let rats eat the toes off her baby. A woman in Texas has decapitated her three and a half week old son, and eaten his toes and part of his brains. Meanwhile, a man in South Carolina has been sneaking into a horse stable to have sex with a mare he is particularly fond of, named sugar. He was arrested for Buggery with the same horse three years ago, and now his old lover has lured him back. The horses owner became suspicious when she found bales of hay stacked up in the horses stall, apparently so the man could get in a position to access the horse. Also, she had noticed that the horse had suffered from repeat vaginal and anal infections. She set up a video and caught the man in the act. She then waited in the barn with a shotgun and apprehended the man. Her picture is above. The photo features Sugar as well. Anyway, the combo of these stories just goes to show that the human race cannot be trusted, ever. Nothing has ever or will ever change about the way we behave. Genghis Kahn's men complained that women didn't have enough orifices to service enough of them at one time, so they would simply cut extra ones to fuck. The world is fucked, and has been since people have been on it.

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