Thursday, July 2, 2009


Forgetting my camera at work today was a huge mistake! A guy was fishing and caught a small (about 10 inch) catfish. When he tried to remove it from the hook he was stung. This really pissed him off, so he threw the fish on the ground and stomped it. The dorsal spine went through his sandle and into his foot! He came into the department with a fish still hanging off his foot! The thing was still alive! After much effort it was removed, and I lost possibly the greatest photo opportunity of my life! You can't even find a picture of anything similar to these on google images or anywhere else I looked on the web. Missed a chance to contribute to medical literature I guess, or at least the "darwin awards" or something like that.

1 comment:

  1. So, you get the wicked firecracker pic, the amputated finger, but possibly the greatest ER pic of all time (Aside from the car keys Xray) and no camera?

    Dang Doc Hog.

    Saw you on Twitter and I think I'll be back.
    Happy Medic