Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th

My patients last night were a steady stream of drunks and weirdos, and drunk weirdos, interspersed with this strange rash of "stomach flus", although as has been said by I believe Greg Henry on EMRAP, you won't ever find the "stomach flu" in any medical textbook. I guess just a summer bug going around, the "24 hr flu", but damn if Im not scared I'm going to miss something serious in the middle of all of them. The parade of weirdos and drunks was highlighted by a guy who called the squad for himself, after he wrecked his bicycle. Once he got here though, he spent the next five hours trying to get out. His story was that he got drunk and got with a prostitute, who he was trying to fuck on the bicycle, while riding down the street. This seems unlikely, but would explain the accident.


  1. ever wonder how many of those 24 hour bugs are simply because some idiot got too drunk to realize that he's throwing up booze?

  2. That's probably a fair assesment of the stomach flu, at least in my patient population, on 4th of july weekend