Thursday, July 16, 2009

Digitus impudicus

THESE FILMS, OF A DISLOCATED MIDDLE FINGER, PROVOKED MUCH DISCUSSION AND HEATED DEBATE AMONG THE PHYSICIANS IN OUR ED RECENTLY. Jokes were made about the middle finger, and then a statement was made that the origin of the obscene gesture is from the battle of agincourt during the hundred year's war. It was said that the french had threatened the feared english archers, saying that after they won the battle they would cut off all their middle fingers so they would no longer be able to draw a bow. After the English won the battle, they showed the still attached middle fingers to the french. Some of us doubted the truth of this story, so we looked it up on wiki. Turns out that the agincourt story is just one of many myths in regards to the origins of the "fuck you" gesture. In truth, references are found as far back as ancient rome, byzantium, and egypt. The gestures popularity in the roman empire would explain the widespread prevalence of it and similar gestures. In many older writings it was associated with such other superstitions as the evil eye as well. Regardless, this guy will have trouble flipping the digitus impudicus with that hand for a while.

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