Friday, November 13, 2009

In "The House of God", Shem tells of the "Rose Room". This is the room where all the old gomeres name Rose are housed. They sometimes die, only to be replaced by another rose. When Shem was writing, in the late 70's, a large percent of the elderly women were named Rose. When you look back at the social security administration list of names, the years 1895 - 1900 ten rose was solidly in the top 20 most popular women's names. These women would have been becoming "gomeres" in the time that "The House of God" is set. I reflect on this because I had three elderly women named Opal in one day. I had an Opal ward. Opal came into the top 100 in 1905. It stayed near there through 1922. Between 22 and 35, doris was top 10. I see a lot of Dorises. Barbara is another. It was top 10 from 27 through 59. We will see a lot of gomeres named barbara for years to come. I will add to these "new" gomere names as new ones occur to me.

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