Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Rotating in the ICU and, like roy basch, it is about to become the breaking point for me. Our patients die every day. From the 47 year old breast cancer, to the 34 yr old lung cancer patient, yes 34. The asphyxiated elderly man who layed two weeks brain dead because the family was too guilty to pull the plug, they all die. It is one big swarm of death. The only thing I haven't seen kill anybody yet in our ICU is the swine flu. Cade is taking it the hardest. I think he really thinks ghosts are following him around the hospital. He talks about them all the time. which ones might be present, and why. In the elevator he tries to decide if all the people he has killled can fit in there with him. He says they follow him down the halls at night, and bang on the door of his call room. He sees glimpses of them from the corners of his eyes. He is crazy. But......I would be scared too if I had stolen the big screen from the hospice house!

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