Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Watching a recent sunrise, I was reminded of the bathroom at one of my favorite beach bars. There is a painting on the wall, of the Enola Gay, against a beautiful morning sky. The caption reads; "Dawn, The World Forever Changed". For me, on that more recent day at dawn, the world was forever changed. The previous night I had seen my first child abuse death. The kid was bruised all over, including around genitalia and rectum, and was a total mess. We worked it for some time, but we knew when they rolled in what the outcome would be. All faith I ever had in humanity was destroyed when I saw this up close.


  1. if you lose faith in humanity how can you go into work everyday? treat peole? share love? give love? i won't deny that it is horrific and that it should never happen.

  2. It is hard to maintain any faith in humans in general, God's fools...