Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Clue in Residency Lounge case

As hard as this may be to believe, I have stumbled onto an astonishing new clue in the lounge vandalism case. I went in, late last night, to use the restroom and heard voices and laughing from the back. When I looked further I found a few of the staff in there, with a complete hair cutting operation going on! I mean the entire bed had this big fancy kit spread out on it, the person getting their hair cut was on a stool, with a drape around their neck and everything looked super professional. There were hair cuttings all on the floor, which they assured me they would be vacuuming up after they finished. They also assured me they were all either off duty or on lunch break. I couldn't believe it! This could explain how the hair got in the drains, in fact I'm pretty sure it does. However, they asked me how the beds got broken, so they must not have been involved in that...or were they? Now the big question is should I mention this to anybody, at least just to convince them to change the locks or something. I would never reveal any names, because I like all these people, but to say the least, I was shocked. Note: The actual details and circumstances of this encounter were significantly altered for the purpose of this blog. The encounter actually occurred several weeks ago and I actually only heard about it second hand, rather than witness it myself. Remember, this blog in no way reflects actual occurrences, it simply tells a story about the residency experience. Again, as the disclaimer states, the reader would do better to spend his / her time looking into their own hearts and souls than to try to place real people to these fictional events. Do I make this point very clear? lol.

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