Friday, May 8, 2009

Sad Cases of the Week

There are sad cases everywhere, everyday. In fact, most of them are sad in some way. A few that were particularly bad this week will be discussed here. We had two infant deaths, one from suspected abuse. We had a lady with a first diagnosis of metastatic Colon cancer made in the ED. She was about 70, but told me she was raising her 7 month old grandchild because the mom was on heroin, and the kid would be in foster care otherwise. We had a second lady with metastatic Colon cancer, whom the psychiatrist told me was abused by her husband, who wouldn't let her agree to any treatment because he wanted her money. She said the same lady was raped by her father as a child because, he said, his wife wasn't a virgin when he married her, so he was going to raise some virgins of his own (his daughters). Then, worst of all, was the swine flu death.... just kidding about that one.

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  1. wow, this is really depressing. you have a tough job my friend.