Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Improved Intern Lounge

My friend Cade is an opportunist, and he has worked all year, by various means, to improve the resident lounge/call room. He convinced the maintenance people to repaint the battleship grey walls to a sunflower color. He stole inspirational posters from the Hospice house and hung them all over the walls. He got the old recliners from the physician lounge he brought in an X-Box that he bought on black Friday, and today, we had a 42 inch LCD tv on the wall. I don't know yet how it got there, all mounted and everything, but I know it wasn't the hospital that furnished it. The nuns are too cheap. I'm sure Cade is behind the TV, but I haven't seen him today, and I don't know for sure how he got it.

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