Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year

New Year, same shit. Haven't had a day off since last year! I was thinking last night, well actually I woke up in a cold sweat last night, thinking about the guy that died, and was asystolic for about ten minutes, and we hade spoken to the family, and went back to work, when he suddenly sat straight up in bed, let out a blood curtling scream, and fell back, dead as ever! That shit will fuck with your head! ............Thinking about adding an author or two to the blog, like maybe my friend cade....I don't know/ Not that anybody actually reads this anyway, but if anybody does, what do you think about me adding an author, maybe two? It might create more posts, and add a different voice and viewpoint. Cade, I don't know what he would blog about....nonsense probably, but I am thinking about adding an author who is actually interested in medicine as well, who can provide some case scenarios and pictures and (cool?) stuff like that. I mean, I do put some cases on here, but just when it is gruesome or gory or sad or something, maybe he could come on and just do some medical teaching

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