Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bad Weather, and the razorbacks season in review

With a patch of bad weather coming through the area lately, the ER has been busy. Car accidents, of course, and slips and falls with broken hips, and broken everything else, and hypothermic bums, and hypothermic little old ladies. And of course fires, which are the worst, and even people getting killed trying to make fire, like the two different guys we have seen killed cutting firewood this winter. I am certainly not a global warming naysayer, but this is the coldest winter since at least 1977 in many parts of the world. It is the coldest it has been in Key West for 131 years! I like the cold sometimes, but this is causing a lot of anguish, and is having all kinds of unseen effects like driving up fuel prices, and may even contribute to another flu (swine or otherwise) outbreak by keeping everyone jammed together in doors. ... (By the way, sorry to use all these dots and wierd punctuations, but it seems you can't start a new paragraph and indent on here.)..... Anyway, I have been using some of my extra time inside to reflect on the razorbacks. I am happy with the bowl we got, and I think we beat a tough team, from a tougher than most think conference. I am not Happy with Mallett, though. He looks like Gumby trying to play football, and he thinks he could have even thought about going pro? I doubt it. But the thing I hate the most is here he is, after his "sophomore" year, wanting to go. We know he doesn't care about the team. We can see where his selfish thoughts lie, and we have to spend the whole next season knowing he is leaving us early, and wishing he could have done it sooner. Oh well, I do think we will have an awesome season next year, maybe we actually will be a contender in the west?

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