Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back and Bigger and Better

We are back! Yes, I couldnt stand to stay in private mode any longer, nothing to post for. Screw the gestapo! Of course, I did have to delete several posts that I had posted during the time the blog went under the radar, but no matter. The Hog Blog is coming back and with more posts, more stories, more case reports, and more bullshit than ever. And I have a special, heart warming, story to celebrate with......Recently, a young lady with crohn's has made multiple visits to our emergency department. She has a jejunostomy, and she has had various episodes of cracking and bleeding around the ostomy site. After much prodding on her fifth visit for the same complaint, she admits that she is actually a prostitute, and she is selling sex with her ostomy site! We called her the "Ostitute"!

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  1. Here is an interesting article about radiation harmful effects. Just thought I would throw it up, in light of the japan situation.