Friday, November 26, 2010

Interesting Shift

The most interesting shift Ive had in a while had its ups and downs. I had a homicidal maniac who the cops had to taze after he threatened to kill me and the cop and was screaming, shaking and flipped the bed over. It was also a night of nasty pelvics. Started with 210 kg pregnant lady with vag bleeding, then there was a girl who hid a pouch of tobacco in her vagina when going into jail and lost it for two weeks and I had to go digging. it was the second time she had done the same thing in a month. didnt she learn? The whole room stunk before she ever took her clothes off and pus was flowwing out. first case of fitz hugh curtis ive seen. whats worse this thanksgiving day was like a hospital frequent flyer all stars day. all of our frequent flying psych pts were in, some multiple times. I think they were lonely on the holidays and we are reallly like their family. the higghlight of the shift was the save i made in the nursery, the one day old who was dropped on her head and had an epidural. the pediatrician was sitting on his hands, wanting an mri, etc. what the kid needed was a peds neurosurgeon and i pushed until we got it...saved maybe my first life that shift

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