Wednesday, March 24, 2010


A pessary is a small device worn, often by elderly women who have had multiple children, to hold bladder or uterus in place. It is a small plastic disc placed in the vagina. As you can imagine these things can get very nasty. All it takes is a demented nursing home pt. to forget that she has one of these for a couple months and.....zang! But nothing could prepare you for a chief complaint of "leaves from virginia". A friend of mine saw a lady, brought in by her daughter, with just this complaint. When he looked it was true. She had a vine, with leaves, protruding from her "Virginia". Turns out, the demented lady had secretly , for years, used slices of potatoes as pessaries! When she forgot that she had it in, the warm, moist environment was perfect for sprouting spuds!


  1. Thank the good lord we had rice tonight...

  2. thanks for "rejoining" happy medic. sorry I had to switch over.