Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Strange Happenings

An investigation is ongoing into recent vandalism in and around the resident lounge. Two beds have been broken, and someone with long hair either washed or cut their hair in the sink, stopping it up, overflowing the toilet, and a hole had to be cut in the wall to fix the pipes! There are various suspects, including more than one of our own residents, but the prime suspect, in my mind, is one of the female peds residents who is very strange, to say the least. She may be on drugs, and I think she lives full time in the hospital. She even told me she does have an apartment, but that she is afraid to go there because there are "too many stairs", and she has a bad fear of steps! BAD paranoia! Once, I walked into the surgery lounge at two in the morning, to steal a soda, and there she was when I opened the door, just standing there, staring at the wall!

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