Friday, June 5, 2009

Too many Twinkies

When you can smell the stink from thirty feet outside the room you know your in trouble. In the case of Mrs. Ima Cowell I figured the stench was coming from multiple areas of her 400 lb plus body. I figured I could also guess where. On that point I was wrong because I never would have predicted that the triage nurses would find a nasty mold covered twinky smuched inside one of her abdominal fat rolls. You realize a twinky never completely rots, so its hard to say how long the thing had been in there. Mrs. Cowell went on to explain that her husband (who weighed about 135) and her would play a sexual game where she would hide snacks in various body crevices and folds, and he would try to find them and eat them during foreplay. I guess he missed that one.


  1. ewwwwwwww... i didnt know twinkies could mold.. i thought they;d survive the apocalypse.

  2. They may well survive the apocalypse. the mold may have just been growing in the folds of her "pannus" with no need for the twinkie as a substrate. lol.